lunes, 16 de enero de 2017

Life is weird

Life is weird. Really weird. I had been looking for love but all I found were stupid and selfish frogs. So, finally, I gave up and accepted I was going to be alone. But maybe it was not a bad thing. I was going to be independent, focus on my equine vet passion and my creative skills. I could travel wherever I wanted and be on my own. Nothing bad about it really. Anyway I am too young to not being single, am I not?
But one day, two more beers made me say yes to a friend to go to a party the next day in her town which is more than 1h from home. Who cares? I only wanted a mad and funny night with my crazy friends. Those beers made me see it very clearly because a party is never a bad idea.
And this is how life is weird. That night, at that party, I met the first person who has made me feel special in a way nobody did before. He is not a frog. He is not stupid. He is not selfish. He is not like any other boy I met before. I know I’m a strange person, I know I can be complicated to deal with. But he doesn’t care. Even more, he loves it. And it’s everything so new and weird and wonderful. I dont know how to deal with all this. And my life is changing and I’m scared. I dont want to lose that independent and self-confident person I became. I dont want to depend on someone as I see other people do. But I discover myself wanting him by my side.
And life is so weird. I though I knew all the answers, and it has changed all the questions.

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  1. Te felicito! pues a pesar de los miedos te hace sentir viva, y así es esa cosa rara y confusa llamada amor. Nunca es tarde, hoy al parecer llegó a tu vida. Trovadora, usted se lo merece! Buenas noches.